Winitex - Linen Damask


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Linen Damask - Napkin, Tablecloth, or Overlay

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Winitex - Linen Damask 

Item : Napkin, Tablecloth, or Overlay

Fabric : Cotton and Linen - Linen Damask

Design : Linen damask is available in any of our standard design or in Plain Satin - made to order only

Yarns : 100% Linen yarn in wrap and weft

Weight : Approximately 240 gram per square metre

Finish : Mercerized

Napkin : Style available with 1 cm. lock stitched hem four sides or with hemstitching or baratto and mitred corners

Square Tablecloth and Overlay: Style available with 1 cm. lock stitched hem four sides

Round Tablecloth and Overlay : Style available with 1 cm. bias hem or scalloped edge

Colors : Available in White and custom dyed colors. (Subject to minimum order of 100 meters per color per width)

For Personalized : Custom size, colors, and logo embroidery please contact us