Glassforever - Washing Instructions

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Glassforever - Washing Instructions


  • The water hardness on washing should be around 0 ° dH.
  • The correct dose of fabric softener and detergent is important - we recommend at least one annual inspection of all dishwashers.
  • Dairy products, milk, coffee, cocoa, tea and juice can leave an 'edge' on the product (a so-called 'office cup'). To address this, you can put or wash the glass in warm soapy water immediately after use or use our cleanser, Renovate Powder, regularly.
    • For coffee, cocoa and tea, we recommend a stained glass or a stained cup. Slight discoloration may occur after prolonged use.
  • The following may affect the product being discolored, chalked or smell differently over the long term:
    • Washing at over 85 degrees for an extended period of time can degrade the product
    • Longer storage at high temperature and high humidity. The product dries slowly and is enclosed. It can leave lime stains and smell ugly
    • Using soap with aluminum and metal protection will  break down the product
    • Choosing the wrong glass dish tray or the lack of lattice dish baskets (industrial machine)
    • Anise-based drinks (such as Pernod, Ricard, Raki or Ouzo)

Are there stripes in the glass or does the glass smell different?
Dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea and other similar drinks can leave a rim on the glass - especially if the glass is a long time (a "kontorkop"). The glass should be washed with warm soapy water soon after use.
Can also be softened overnight in a tub, by washing the glass the other way, washing it by hand or by regularly using our remover; Renovate Powder.

Are there any scratches in the glass? 
May be due to:  Choosing the wrong glass sink tray or the lack of lattice baskets for the laundry basket. Glass rubs off one another or another in connection with washing. Use of sponge, brush or similar. which can scratch plastic. The glass is not stacked optimally - is not intended to be stackable. Use of soap with aluminum and metal protection. Drops on hard surface - plastic gets scratched.

Is the glass discolored or whitewashed? 
May be due to:  The water hardness is more than 0 ° dH. Missing or incorrect dosage of detergent and detergent. Longer storage at high temperature and high humidity. Use of soap with aluminum and metal protection. Euphoric substances have come into the glass - creating a chemical reaction that breaks down plastic.

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